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Now You Can Generate And Qualify Leads Right On Your Website

Yes, Mystro Gives You The Tools You Need To Deploy Lead Bots On Your Website Without Having To Rely On A Tech Team
Get instant access to high converting templates that are currently generating more than 10 leads per day for our clients.
Transform your website into lead generating conversations by connecting bots to any button on your website.
Embed Fact Find, application forms or document collection workflows right on your website.
Convert leads into clients, collect application data and supporting documents on auto-pilot.
Instantly export leads to your favourite CRM or Marketing software.

What Does Automated Client Onboarding Workflow Looks Like?

What Is The Difference Between Client Onboarding Workflow And Traditional Forms On Your Website?
Client Onboarding Workflow Is A Guided Conversational Process That Generates Qualified Leads And Collects Application Forms And Supporting Documents.

Now You Can Instantly Transform Your Website Into A Lead Generation & Client Onboarding Tool

Generate New LEADS That You Can Connect With... Launch simple lead bots that quickly capture your visitors’ contact information, so you can generate new leads to follow-up with again and again, even after they leave your page!
Choose from a library of pre-configured bots that will capture, qualify and collect application forms and documents from your customers on autopilot.
It's like having the best employee generating new business without pay and holidays 24/7, 365

Collect Client Data Fast

Embed lead bots on your site, or simply send clients a link and let Mystro collect lead information, qualify and guide them through the application process via fully white labeled and beautiful client interface.
Redy-to-go lead bot templates created by our in-house experts.
Mobile-first Fully Customisable And Branded Fact Find & Application Forms.
Automate Your Document Collection With Instant Document Checklist Creation And Document Collection Technology.
Fully Automated Document Generation and eSign.
Your Client Data Is Encrypted And Protected By Bank-Grade Security Infrastructure.

Here are a few other FAQs we get a lot:

     Is my data secure?
Yes! We built Mystro from the ground up to make sure your data is secure. Client data and files are stored in our Sydney datacenter and automatically encrypted at rest and during transfer.
     Who owns my data and clients?
You do! Your client data is 100% owned by you. Mystro doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your clients for any reason. Mystro is just a tool for YOU to collect leads, client data and grow your business!
     Can I embed forms and bots on my website?
Yes! Data collection workflows and bots can easily be embedded in your website. You can connect application workflows to any button and transform your website into a powerfull lead generation and data collection machine.
     How long are your contracts?
There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use Mystro month to month and cancel at any time you'd like!
     Can I integrate Mystro with my favourite CRM and Marketing ?
Yes! You can integrate other platforms with Mystro via API and Webhooks, or you can connect Mystro to Zapier and integrate it with over 1000 platforms - right out of the box.
     Is Mystro a CRM?
While Mystro does have a LOT of CRM functionality, like automated client notifications, email and SMS reminders, tagging systems, notes, and detailed logs, we are not claiming to be a full-featured CRM system. Our primary focus is on client Client Onboarding and Data Collection.
     Can I use lead bots for non-mortgage leads?
Yes. Lead Bots can be used for any lead generation purpose. We are releasing new templates every day for Car Finance, Asset Finance, Risk Insurance, Financial Advice and Real Estate industries.
     Can I export leads to a 3rd party CRM or marketing software?
Yes, lead data can easily be exported via Webhooks or Zapier to over 1000 of CRM's and Marketing platforms.

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