Create Conversational Landing Pages And Data Collection Workflows

"That generate qualified leads, collect online forms, documents and convert your prospects into customers"

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Documents Collected and / or Signed

Mystro Studio is a conversational data collection workflow and chat bot builder

Generate qualified leads with Lead Bots and Conversational Landing Pages

Every sales process starts with a conversation. Now you can instantly transform your website into a powerful lead generation machine and start generating leads 24/7
Generate and qualify leads on your website
Hook your website visitors with an online conversational experience they will rave about.
Minimize your ad spend with conversational landing pages
Instantly deploy branded conversational landing pages and boost your sales.
Convert leads into clients with a click of a button
Collect full application forms, documents and signatures - all in one simple dashboard.

Securely collect client application forms on all devices

Guide your applicants to success! Mystro Conversational Forms provides a step-by-step, mobile-first experience to help your clients easily complete long or complex application forms.
Provide outstanding customer experience
Mobile-first forms adapt to device type and client preferences.
Improve client data quality and reduce errors
Only ask relevant questions based on business rules and decision-tree logic, calculations and weighted scores.
Create custom forms, bots and workflows
Create smart forms and bots without depending on IT teams, resulting in fast time to market.

Automatically collect documents and signatures

Mystro Studio fully automated and secure document collection and e-Sign software will increase your document collection speed and accuracy by up to 300%. Your clients can see exactly what is required to upload or sign in your branded and easy to use client portal.
Request documents automatically
Document list can be automatically generated and requested based on client information.
Collect documents from multiple parties
No-touch documents and signatures collection from multiple parties at the same time.
Templates designed by
in-house experts
Simplify and automate your data collection and e-Sign workflows with pre-configured templates, or create your own.

The most simple and powerful client onboarding software on the market today

Onboard and qualify customers with a full suite of enterprise-grade data collection and lead generation tools in a single seamless interface.
Preconfigured Templates
Get started with pre-configured high performance data collection and lead bot templates designed by our in-house experts.
Conversational Forms
Instantly launch digital mobile-first forms with conditional fields, dropdowns, free text and more.
Document Collection
Automatically generate document list, collect from multiple parties, approve or reject.
Document Generation & eSign
Generate documents pre-filled with client's data and automatically collect signatures from multiple parties.
Workflow & Automation
Automate end-to-end client data collection including lead generation, application forms, document collection and reminders.
Calculations & Decisions
Design rules and decision-tree logic, including calculations and weighted scores.
Automate emails and SMS client notifications with custom messages that are sent based on application status or set conditions.
Use out of the box integrations with Zapier or build custom integrations with your existing systems to streamline the flow of data and trigger events across platforms.

Here are a few FAQs we get a lot:

Is my data secure?
Yes! We built Mystro from the ground up to make sure your data is secure. Client data is encrypted at rest and during transfer.
Who owns my data and clients?
You do! Your client data is 100% owned by you. Mystro is just a tool for YOU to collect client information, generate leads and grow your business!
Can I embed Mystro on my website?
Yes! Bots and Data Collection Workflows can easily be embedded in your website. You can connect automated workflows to any button and transform your website into a powerful lead generation and data collection machine.
Can I integrate Mystro with my favourite CRM and Marketing ?
Yes! You can integrate other platforms with Mystro via API and Webhooks, or you can connect Mystro to Zapier and integrate it with over 1000 platforms - right out of the box.
Is Mystro a CRM?
While Mystro does have a LOT of CRM functionality, like automated client notifications, email and SMS reminders, tagging systems, notes, and detailed logs, we are not claiming to be a full-featured CRM system. Our primary focus is on client lead generation, client onboarding and data collection.
Can I white-label Mystro?
Yes! You can upload your company logo and change client app, website bots and landing pages colours. You can also customise Email and SMS templates and send communications from your business email address and mobile number.

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